Dragons World

Dragons World joins the ranks of other dragon breeding games with an awesome experience that takes you to take little baby dragons and raise them in the beautiful creatures that they are. On the way you can raise them to create unique combinations and train them for the Pokémon style battle in tournaments against other players.

There are many opportunities for your creativity to go crazy in Dragons World with the ability to decorate 3D environments with all kinds of habitats to house and grow your dragons. Combining this customization with the large number of species of dragons to discover that it is the kind of game that ensures you always have something to do and helps you overcome the waiting periods that plague this genre of games.

At the beginning, you will have your own flying island with a blank slate waiting to be transformed by you in the way you want. The missions will help guide your progress early by encouraging you to build particular home buildings and dragon habitats, but as you advance you will unlock more and more freedom.

With buildings, inhabitants, decorations and additional islands to unlock, you will play Dragons World in the long term. The particular feature of the tournament is where the longevity starts when you combine dragons of the 8 elements to create a dream team. This depth gives the battles a Pokémon-like sensation by choosing your attacks and balancing the elements of your dragon to be successful against thousands of other players.

The battles are more than just the highest level dragon and get lucky with elemental matches with training that gives you the option to give different benefits to your dragon every three levels that can make them more powerful with careful selections.

Create the dragon team of your dreams and climb the ranks of tournaments as you create the perfect floating dragon island with Dragons World, easily one of the best games in this space.

Dragons World Summary:

  • Awesome graphics bring the game world and the dragons to life.
  • The strong battle and tournament characteristics encourage you to create a dream team.
  • Pokémon style battles allow you to choose your attacks.
  • In iOS and Android.
  • A game with a lot of long-term appeal.

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